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Audio/Video Capture & PC Connection Module


The Audio/Video Capture & PC Connection Module is a powerful device and software package that allows virtually any analog audio/video source (Negotiations Equipment, Surveillance Cameras & Microphones, TVs, VCRs, Camcorders, etc) to be captured/stored on a PCs hard drive. In addition to providing the ability to watch and listen to the analog sources audio/video signals on a PC, with a click of a the mouse, users can take digital still snapshot images of the video feed. The digital snapshots are stored directly on the hard drive of the PC in JPEG format to allow them to be printed or sent to other individuals as an email attachment. Furthermore, the device software provides users with the ability to burn the captured audio/video files to CD or DVD (PC must feature CD or DVD burner to perform these functions) for documentation, review, and/or evidence purposes. For additional information/details download the literature file below.